Burning Out In College

If you are a college student. . . you’ve probably been burnt out at one point or know of someone who has been. From personal experience. . . being burnt out feels like an emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion to the point where you just have no drive to do anything. I’ve been burnt out twice in my almost 4 years of college.

How do you know you are burnt out? I’m sure for everyone it is different. For me I began to slack off, I felt as if I wasn’t smart enough to actually be in college, felt as if maybe what people were saying was true. That maybe, just maybe I wasn’t cut out to be what I wanted to be. So I slacked off, let my grades fall and I just truthfully didn’t feel like doing anything college related. I wouldn’t go as far to say as it was a depression because I did want to do other things that were unrelated to college, but I didn’t have any desire or drive because I felt intimidatedI felt intimidated by college especially when some of the course work I didn’t understand and had to ask for help (that’s more of a pride issue than anything else), felt intimidated because of what others were saying to me. I also felt as if I were drowning with all of the stress and school work.

How did you first get out of being “burnt out”? Well. . . I literally had a sort of pep talk with myself. I began to think of all that I had gone through to get to where I am today. Began to think of why I wanted to be in that field of work. I am currently a psychology major, almost done with my BA. I will graduate with my BA in the Spring of 2018! Being a psychology major was nothing like I had assumed it would be like. Some of it was, but a majority was not. So. . . how did I get out of being burnt out? I let my stress out. I let my feelings out and spoke about them rather than bottling them up and hoping that they just magically disappear. I admit, I felt highly incompetent. But then I realized that I love psychology! I began to expel all of those negative thoughts and I even felt disappointed in myself. I felt disappointed because I allowed all of those things to get to me.

What did you do? I cracked down on myself. I decided to not allow others opinions to get to me and to prove them wrong. That yes, I made the right decision to be a psych major. I began to make a schedule for myself and followed it. I set apart a time for studying, for homework, for exams . . . I also set aside time for myself. That’s an important thing to do. Set aside time for yourself because you need to take care of your body.

Here are some helpful tips to get out of being burnt out or to even avoid it!

  1. Don’t allow opinions to get to you. If you’re like me and you tend to overthink. . . don’t let other’s opinions get to you. Take their opinions with “a grain of salt”. If you know who you are and what you want, don’t let anyone deter you from your goals! Remember why you got into whatever subject you are in and keep at it!
  2. Make a schedule. This will definitely help to get your grades back up or to even feel less stressed. Having a planned out schedule for maybe the whole week or even just the days you have class can take off a load of stress because you won’t be scrambling around looking for time to do homework or study.
  3. Take care of yourself. Go work out! Treat yourself to something every once in a while. You need to be physically and mentally healthy. I definitely suggest working out and going to a gym. You have access to so many machines and it’s a great stress reliever! Set a goal at the gym! To be honest, one of my greatest investments/money spent is at the gym. I go to Crunch and have the Peak Plus membership. Check out Crunch Gym by clicking on the link! My boyfriend however goes to Youfit so you can check that out as well.
  4. Get help from a tutor! You may or may not need a tutor but either way, they are very helpful. If you don’t understand something, try asking your teacher or a tutor for help. If you’re like me . . . it’s a little awkward to ask for help. It really is more of a pride issue than anything else! Just suck it up and go ask for help. It really can make a world of difference.
  5. Talk it out. If you’re feeling stressed from college or even just your daily life. . . talk it out with someone. Don’t bottle up your feelings!

If you are someone who is currently burnt out in college. . . I feel for you but I promise it can get better 🙂 Think of what you want & go for it!